Dulwich Village garden 1

The brief 

The garden had a lovely feel due to the surrounding leafy gardens and the presence of some very old pear and apple trees.  The planting however had been really ad hoc over the years and so the garden lacked consistency and definition.  My clients were keen for a garden studio but wanted it to look integrated into the garden, not like it had just been dropped into it.  

What I did

I was keen to create some depth so that the whole garden was not revealed at once and aimed for the planting to be bold while pared down without losing its country feel. I also suggested the garden studio to be built by London Garden Studios which manufactures beautifully simple, state-of-the-art cedar clad garden studios which blend effortlessly into the landscape. 

I created two more seating areas and divided the garden into two sections with the use of hornbeam hedges and covered all the fencing with evergreen climbers and hedging so that the new fences disappear.