I have mixed feelings about the Chelsea Flower Show I must admit…it seems so disposable and I can’t help thinking of the humongous carbon print when I gaze at show gardens and plough my way through the whole circus and crowd of Pimms.  And frankly it is very much a display of the good, the bad and the ugly. Apologies if I'm being a bit downbeat here but I’d be lying if I wasn’t admitting to these dark thoughts… that aside, it is however a lot of fun and I certainly always discover new plants, materials, crafts, products, meet very passionate and dedicated growers, and always get inspired by some clever details.

I don’t always go as it always coincides with my busiest time of the year, in fact hadn’t been for years but considering how hard we’ve worked these last few months, I decided to treat Lilly and I to a jolly.  I also treated a couple of clients and friends and we had a great day!

Here is a picture of My Best in Show (Breaking Ground Garden for Darwin Property Investment Management Property by Wilson McWilliam Studio).  I loved this garden!  Although I might have been a bit biaised as Andrew Wilson was director of the Inchbald School of Design when I was an alumni, back in 2003. He was a fantastic director, very strict (but fair) while fun and genuinely enthused with a passion for garden design and design in general.