christmas wreath



I'm rubbish at crafts and even worse at finding time for it but at this time of the year, when it's cold and pitch black at five o'clock, and let's face it (despite previous post), I spend less time in the garden, it suddenly appeals to me. I have also discovered that I get so much pleasure out of displaying my handmade artefacts however imperfect and quirky that I now make sure each December to book a couple of nights in to do just that and nothing else. Well...almost as I have also discovered that I can combine said activity with getting together with a gang of girlfriends and some wine.  This puts me right into the Christmas spirit and I find also helps with calming things down in the manic run up to Christmas. Joyeux Noel! 

The advent calendar is inspired by the brilliant blog, A Quiet Style.  Some of the foliage has been harvested in my garden and some has been bought at the  flower market.