Blank canvas

The brief

My clients had just moved into a newly-built house and the garden was completely bare, just new turf and fences.  Not one plant, no trees. They wanted me to create a garden that would look as if it had been there for a long time and use it to add character to the house and a sense of belonging. They wanted a large lawn, some storage, a comfortable dining area and a hammock.

What I did

The garden had a really weird shape and I was keen to design a planting scheme that would make all the weird angles disappear and provide some depth. The hammock is located in the south-facing corner of the garden and nestled within aromatic Mediterranean planting.  As the hammock swings, it brushes thyme, myrtus, rosemary and lavender to release all the fragrances.  You feel like you're on holiday in the south of France.  

I used mirrors by the dining area (hidden behind the fencing slats and climbers) which do a good job at reflecting the light and offer views of the planting on the other side of the garden. I then completed by trailing a wisteria on the house facade.

One summer later, the house and garden look like they've been there for years.