The Shakespeare & Twin peaks garden

The brief

Intriguing, I know! My clients had acquired at a charity auction a large wicker Shakespeare bust, which had to be incorporated into the garden, one of them happened to be a huge Twin Peak fan, a comment made in passing but that somehow, I decided to include in the design brief. The clients also are fans of large herbaceous borders, they wanted a contemporary garden with the feel of an English garden.

The views over neighbour houses had to be screened and privacy increased near the house, while the views over surrounding gardens and canopies needed to be left open. 

What I did

I created depth, made the end boundary completely disappear, and created many different ways to meander through the planting as well as a direct access to draw and invite you to explore the end of the garden. There is an evening lounge and dining area as well as a morning sun small seating island nested in planting, another seating corner seating in front of two large beds and with neighbours’ canopies in background. 

The straight path is paved with clay pavers laid in a herringbone way as a nod to Twin Peaks and gives a slight edge to the otherwise very traditional herbaceous beds. The path goes from straight to a more organic shape as we walk further away from the house. Formal hedges form an interesting contrast and background to the herbaceous planting while providing all year interest.